6 Important "Shortcut" on Firefox Browser

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Firefox. source: nextren.com
Just like the browser or other browsers, Mozilla Firefox also comes with a shortcut or bypass button.

By using a specific key or combination, you are guaranteed to make the browser easier, convenient, and fast to use.

For example, simply pressing a certain button to go back to the very beginning of a web page. This method would be faster than the need to scroll the mouse up to the top.

Here are six shortcut buttons   or "shortcut" Firefox browsers for Windows and Mac.

1. Back to the very beginning of a page 

As already mentioned above, you need to repeatedly roll the middle mouse button to get back to the very beginning of a site's pages. There is another way that is easier and shorter.

Windows users simply press the "Home" on his keyboard, then the browser will automatically return to the beginning or the top-most position.

While Mac users can try pressing the "Command" and "Up" simultaneously.

2. Go to the download list 

Without using a bypass button, a novice user would have trouble finding a list of the files being downloaded and already completed. Command to open the list tuck into a menu along with other commands.

To be more rapid, Windows users simply press the "Ctrl" and "J" on the keyboard alone. Mac users can use the "Command" + "Shift" + "J" to open the same list.

3. Bookmark the site 

How to mark or bookmark a site's pages are actually simple. With the click of a button "Stars" next to the "Search" at the top, you instantly bookmark the site you want.

When you want to use the bypass button, just press "Ctrl" + "D" on the Windows platform. Meanwhile, Mac users can do this by pressing the "Command" + "D".

4. Delete Tab 

Simply put, just click the "X" to remove a tab. That is if you do not mind moving the hand to the mouse next to the keyboard.

A faster way, without having to shift the hand of the keyboard is by pressing "Ctrl" + "W".

When using a Mac, then use the key combination "Command" + "W".

5. Browse site sections 

Needless to roll the middle mouse button to read section by section on the current site. Simply press the "Space", then the site will shift down section by section.

Just make sure the cursor is not in a text field, for example, filling the column name or password. When you want the pages to shift in a similar way, but to the top, Windows and Mac users can be equally pressing the "Shift" + "Space".

6. Open the search field 

When you want to search for specific words in the pages of a site, Windows users can press "Ctrl" + "F", while Mac users "Command" + "F".

After pressing the bypass button will open the search field. Furthermore, just type the search term and press "Enter" or "Return" only.