Asus New Android Comes with TV Tuner

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Asus smartphone. source:
Asus ZenFone insert the uniqueness of the newest lines. Titled ZenFone Go TV, the phone is equipped with a TV tuner.

Yes, this Android smartphone can be used to watch local digital television channels directly. Uniquely, because it is equipped with a TV tuner, users no longer need to use the Internet to watch the quota.

He could be an alternative for users who already spend a lot of data quota in video streaming applications such as Netflix and YouTube.

For image quality, ZenFone Go TV, according to Slashgear, Saturday (14/05/2016), relying chipset IC SMT-EW100 Sony Digital TV, the chipset is able to present the image quality of high-definition television channels.

The 5.5 inch sized phone used MSM8928 Snapdragon 400 quad-core 1.4 GHz speed. Adreno 305 graphics supported.

ZenFone Go TV has two memory variants that can be selected, which is 16 GB or 32 GB, paired with 2 GB RAM. If the memory is considered insufficient, users can embed additional microSD up to 64 GB.

There are eight color variants to choose from, namely black, white, blue, gray, gold, red, pink and metallic blue. The price of a unit set at 170 US dollars, or approximately USD 2.2 million.

This new smartphone is available nearby Taiwan. Not yet clear when the Indonesian market can buy these phones at outlets nearby. Indonesia's own name entered into the list of availability. A matter of time before he actually was released in the country.

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