Most Popular Game on iOS and Android from Indonesia

Baca Juga

Warung Chain. Source:
A week after it was first released in the App Store in early May, the game Warung artificial Chain Touchten successfully recorded figure of 20,000 downloads in the iOS app store.

CEO, Anton Touchten Soeharyo expressed pride in the achievements attained Warung Chain. It is evidence that artificial game studio from Indonesia to compete with a variety of games made foreign origin.

In addition to getting top rankings in Indonesia iOS app store for free games category, he added, Warung Chain also selling well in Google's Android application store.

"If the total with the Google Play Store now already 70 thousand downloads. Accomplished in one week and only from Indonesia alone. So iOS and Android 20 thousand to 50 thousand," said CEO Anton Touchten to Nextren.

Chain point games offered simple. In this game, players assume the role as the guardian of similar food stalls it call warteg. Players simply serves food in accordance with the order requested visitors.

Each order must be delivered within a certain time. The more rapidly complete orders in a row, then the player will earn high points.

When imaginable, at first glance this game will remind us of the Diner Dash-made studio Gamelab. Only the dishes served, visitors, as well as typical Indonesian background.

Touchten also pinning feature called KadoSaku in Warung Chain. Through this feature, virtual points in the game can be exchanged for a variety of real-world products. For example pulses prepaid SIM card, discount vouchers, or a mobile phone.

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