Nintendo NX Release on March Next Year

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Nintendo began to reveal a bit of information leaked about the new consoles that are being developed, NX. The console was announced to be released in March 2017 worldwide.

Information about the existence of the new console, as reported by Kotaku, Friday (29/04/2016), published in Nintendo's latest financial report.

"We are currently developing a game console called the NX. This console presents a new concept and will be released in March 2017, "the following statement in the report.

When asked about the form of NX Nintendo, Nintendo President Tatsumi Kimishima reluctant to give a detailed explanation. He merely indicates that the console is not the heir to the 3DS or Wii U.

"This is the hardware that made the new way of thinking. I will announce the details of specifications and how it works in a different time, this year, "said Kimishima.

Problem naming, Nintendo also mentioned that NX is simply a code name used during development. The official name of the current presence on the market later still unknown.

Also explained, the company did not launch NX in this year also because they must wait for game development ecosystem that supports the console. Companies want to ensure that when users purchase NX, there are many games that can be played.

NX presence may affect Nintendo product line at this time. Japanese company that is likely to stop the production of the Wii U and shift the focus on the marketing of NX alone.

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