Unique, Made a Cake Like Pokemon Go Logos

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Pokemon Go cake. photo: kompas.com
Fever game Pokemon Go not only hit the mania game applications. Some bakers also contracted a fever that augmented reality based on games.

In Malang, East Java, a seller of the bright moon makes a bright moon similar to Pokemon Go logo. The bright moon named Poke Poke Bull.

"It is now the trend again yes. So for such variation," said Rhesa Rumampuk (26) when met at her house in the village of Purwantoro Block L9 number 6 Blimbing district, Malang, Tuesday (07/26/2016).

He said, Poke Poke Bull made by his wife, Jessi A Wijaya (23), it was not much different from the bright moon in general. The materials used are also the same. It's just a different shape.

"As the bright moon in general. But we are different variations," he said.

Rhesa admitted, sales moonlit Pokemon Go logo resembles very profitable. In the last two weeks, he has been flooded with orders of up to 150 orders. In fact, marketing is limited.

He only sells the bright moon through social media, such as instagram and facebook. Also make it according to the order.

"Students at most. Anyone want to buy his girlfriend," he said.

He made light of the moon with width 22 centimeters. In order to resemble the logo Pokemon Go, he gave garnish on its surface with meises and cheese and crackers that have been destroyed. The bright moon is sold at Rp 40,000.

He claimed to be looking for a new variation on a moonlit production in order to remain in accordance with the interests of society. "Looking ahead variations still do not know," he said.

Previously, he also had to make different variants with variants in general. That makes drinks wrapped with hygienic soap bottles. Drinks are then named Cunlight.

It also makes the milk wrapped in baby bottles, pacifiers. The drink was named Milks Lab. Also make drinks wrapped in a blood bag and named Blood Bag.

For him, selling food and drink packaging trending is a distinct advantage. "So we follow fashion, is very telling is," he said.

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