Stop How To Save Battery Android Like This

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Most Android users assume that the clean up recent apps alias suite of applications that are opened, can help conserve battery life. How effective is this?

Recent apps is a long list of applications that can be accessed via the menu button on your Android phone. Applications that are entered into the list are often considered to be still working.

When in fact, apps in the recent apps are in the stop condition and stored in memory (cache) phones. The goal is that the application that were never opened before it could be loaded faster when reopened.

Therefore, removing recent apps in Android phones will actually make the phone battery work harder and faster runs.

The battery will work harder and faster runs especially if applications are removed relatively heavy. Therefore, the system will open the application from scratch and require more power than restarting or accessing the stored memory.

If you want to save battery Android, you should not use the delete method as above recent apps. There are two ways you can do Android phone owners, which is to reduce the notification and restrict data usage.

According from Cnet, on Friday (15/04/2016), two ways are likely to be more effective at reducing battery power consumption.

To reduce notifications, disable applications that frequently send notifications. Certain applications, such as social media, usually give you the option to set a notification is sent in a longer time interval.

This can help save battery because it reduces synchronization events that happen in the background system (background).

Meanwhile, to limit the use of data, open the panel containing the table data consumption on Android devices. From the panel, the user can see most applications consume a lot of data.

Select it and then limit or remove permissions on background data usage. How would thus prohibit the application to use the Internet connection automatically. The battery can be more efficient.

Of course, the most effective is to bring the power of banks, as well as both of the above apply. Thus, the phone can be used in a longer time, and you still have a backup power when the battery charge has been depleted.