Tomahawk F1, PlayStation 4 and XBox One Mix Console

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Fuze-Tomohawk. source:
Fuze, the Chinese game company, has just released a new console called Tomahawk F1. Uniquely, the console turns out is a combination of the two most popular products today, such as the Sony PlayStation 4 (PS4) and Microsoft XBox One.

Combined like what? Fuze turned out to design a console body design of this device is similar to the PlayStation 4. Only, he is said to have much smaller dimensions than the console Sony made it.

Meanwhile, the control device actually appears as a clone controller XBox One.

The resemblance was not just coming from in terms of course design. When switched on, Tomahawk F1 will display an interface very similar to the PlayStation 4.

However, it does not mean that the Tomahawk F1 running the same operating system with PlayStation 4. Fuze console is said to be running OS made by Google, the Android.

PlayStation 4 design have in common with, say F1 is not as strong Tomahawk PlayStation 4. Even so, it is unknown which provide detailed specifications of this device.

Fuze trying to woo Chinese gamers by offering 76 titles that will be released in conjunction with the launch of this device in June.

In addition, there are 100 titles being developed. Fuze also claims it will bring popular games such as Saint's Row and Assassin's Creed to the console. Vendors from China is also working with major game studios, such as Tecmo Koei, Ubisoft, Deep Silver, and others.

Chinese citizens can buy it for 899 RMB, or equivalent to Rp 1.8 million. There is also a version with a 500 GB hard drive that sells for 1,499 RMB or approximately USD 3 million.

Both prices are much cheaper than one console imitated. PlayStation 4 only be sold at price Rp 4.8 million in Indonesia.

When you are very comfortable to wear controller belongs XBox One and want to play in the PlayStation 4, perhaps F1's Tomahawk solution. At a minimum you can get a second design of the console in one package.

Unfortunately, it seems Fuze Tomahawk F1 will not be sold outside of China.

Furthermore, following several Tomahawk F1 Fuze photos of the launch event in Beijing and a user who has bought it.